Lisa Ploss


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Born & raised in Winnipeg for 32 years….then off to the West Coast for a couple decades, then over to the East Coast for a couple years, now back in the Prairie, I have settled into the middle of Canada.


I have bought and sold on the left coast, the right coast and the middle of our fine country. With that being said, some of the many important things I have learned are…..Change, Culture and Diversity.


We are all different in many ways… we are all in need of different services, different education with different wants & Needs.


I understand Transitions and moves, especially large ones as I have done a few of those myself!


I offer you listening, understanding and education with your needs and wants.


I offer you excitement in your Purchase and New Chapter of your Life!


I Offer you warmth and compassion in your times of need and transitions.


Let Me guide you in your journey through what Real Estate Needs you may have…whether it is a New Purchase, a First Purchase, A need to sell or a transition you are in need of assistance with Buying, Building or selling.


Don’t hesitate to call or email me today to discuss your needs or to simply just gain some understanding and Information.


I work for you!